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This weekend, my mother is coming over for a visit. I don't know if father will accompany her, but she is most likely going to.. inspect the profit, or what I am supposed to call it. She is married to a jeweler, after all, and wish to make sure that I am doing my work.

with hiyoshi /head-shoulder-
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There are a lot of things in this letter that isn't true. I mean, I... Wakashi... 
I'm not showing him this, he'll just worry.

I am a little late with it, but happy birthday, Tezuka. I hope this year becomes better than the last for you.


Business is steadily rising again, and almost all my regular costumers are back now. It feels good, and I have special orders to make, so I'm kept busy with making pieces and my garden.

[ screened from Wakashi ]
Wakashi's birthday is coming up soon, and I don't really know what I should give him. Well, it's in December, but I want to be better prepared than last year, when I had to rush around and hide what I was looking for, since he was with me. Maybe I should make him something?

These last few nights have been dreadful. I have had a reoccuring nightmare for the past week, and I do not understand it at all.

Is there anyone who know how to read dreams? I am starting to wonder if it is something impostant that I should take notice upon.

Wakashi, we're picking up dance lessons.

Other than that, business have been going quite good lately.

But Wakashi, try to not snarl at the ladies, will you? I know most of them doesn't notice, but none the less.

Stubborn Wakashi with his 'you have to get up'. I'd just prefer to sleep a couple of more hours.

Either way, I have apparently improved, according to him. That is good, I suppose.

I'm far from as skilled with the sword as some that I know are, however.

Although I am quite tired right now.

with hiyoshi /black-clad
Wakashi, dear, you don't have to be scared of telling what you think. I'm not dangerous, and you know that.

Now, would you be so kind and come over here and help me try this on?

And yes, I am asking this with the pen, as you seem to be so fascinated by it. I take it that you like it?

I aquired some rare sea stones. They shift colors in different light, and are increadibly pretty.
I have a special design for a jewelery-set in my mind for them.
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I managed to aquire some really decorative quills today, and I find this one lovely. Wakashi might not think the same about his, however... But this type was so much more pretty then the other, plain ones.

But to think that there is something like magical quills, how delightful.

[[ooc: Taki's handwriting is delicate and round, and he tend to do small swirls at some of the letters, to make them prettier.

also, as I forgot to mention this when they showed up.

Zaizen's handwriting is a straight, no-nonsense style, properly lined letters.

Ryoga's handwriting, on the other hand, is scribbly and messy, but still perfectly readable. He has a tendency to draw things into his entrys, so there might show up stick-figures or simple drawings in his posts.]]


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